Sunday, 19 October 2008

Urban legend

The employee with the wheelbarrow.

Every night for twenty years, an employee left the factory pushing a wheelbarrow full of waste materials. On the day of his retirement, the guard told him:
- "I’ve seen you walk out of here every night, and I know you’ve been stealing something. But I can’t for the life of me see what it is!"
- "Wheelbarrows" said the employee.

Second version:

A man who worked in a large factory was stopped on his way out every night as he wheeled out a wheelbarrow full of straw.
Each night the suspicious security guard would sift through the straw to make sure the employee wasn’t stealing, each night he found nothing but straw.
Years later the man was retiring and as he left the guard said that he knew he was stealing something all these years, what was it.
The retiree answered “wheelbarrows”.

More, clic here.

Another one:

I remember a story about a guy that the customs officials were sure was smuggling. He would come up to the aduana (the customs office) every day, and he'd come across on a bicycle. He'd ride across and they'd search him every time. Finally the head of customs talked to him. He said, "Ignacio, I'll tell you what, we are going to make a deal with you. You tell us what you are smuggling and we'll let you go. We'll never stop you again." Ignacio looked at the customs agent and said, "Bicycles." --Arturo Carrillo Strong, Tucson AZ

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