Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The legendary violator from The North Praga, Warsaw

In 2003 the citizens of The North Praga, old district of Warsaw were terrified by the rumour going arround about a secretive violator.

He had many faces, sometimes wore black long coat, some other time he was seen in a short green jacket, but all the witneses were sure about one thing: he was a very tall and strong-built man.

The women were afraid to return home from work in the evening. Their husbands, boy-friends or parents waited for them and took them back from offices, schools, shops or the church. The violator usually had been atacking after dusk or in the evening.

He used to strike his victims with a knuckle-duster and he waited until they awoke from the faint. Next he violated them and cut their fases with a blade. He forever remained an elusive bad man from the North Praga. The police never captured him.

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